Over many years Nana worked as a graphic designer and art director for renowned German magazines such as „essen&trinken“ and „SCHÖNER WOHNEN“ before ultimately finding her passion for ceramics and porcelain. Her first course was in a small pottery studio in Hamburg in 2013 after which she later attended the State Technical College for Ceramic Design, Höhr-Grenzhausen. Nana now lives and works in Hamburg where she creates and produces her masterpieces.


The symbiosis between design and creativity is what drives Nana’s fascination for ceramics. It is exactly this bond, which stimulates her in the creation of her work and which becomes undisputedly visible in all of Nana’s hand-made pieces.


„It is wonderful losing myself in creative work“, she says laughingly.


Ceramics with its unique character forces Nana to be humble and patient. She is slowly learning to grow more relaxed with her creations.


The delicate and sensual pieces formed from cast porcelain provide an unbelievable translucency and light fluency. Furthermore Nana loves creating intuitively; creating spontaneous forms and finishing. The beauty here lies in the imperfection and thus creating a unique piece of art.


Nana believes in sustainability and environmental awareness and strives to incorporate this philosophy not only in her work, but also in the extent of her packaging, which is made of recycled materials.




In meinem Studio in Hamburg-Moorburg biete ich Keramik-Kurse an. Wenn Du Lust darauf hast, schau ob Dir ein Termin passt oder schreibe mir einfach.


Verschenke ein kreatives Wochenende!

Unter der Seite "Gutscheine" findest Du auch den Geschenk-Gutschein für ein Keramik-Workshop-Wochenende! Ein hübsches Kärtchen mit kleinem Porzellan-Anhänger kommt als Geschenk per Post ins Haus geliefert. Viel Spaß beim Verschenken!